EVERPADS IC01 Series Buffer Rubbers

EVERlasting Buffer Rubbers

Applicable Machinery

  • Road Roller
  • Compactor
  • Vibratory Pile Hammer
  • Breaker



  • Rubber material: Tear and wear resistant and anti-aging formula ensure the best performance during the machine operating.  

  • Steel plate: Individually electroplated and enameled to prevent rusting

  • Customization

  • Forming: Rubber and steel plates are pressurized under high temperature vulcanization to make sure the composition is evenly stabilized for the best performance.

  • Warranty is the guarantee.

  • OEM is available


Compatible Machine Models: DYNAPAC, INGERSOLL-RAND, PVE, etc...

Relying on EVERlasting Buffer Rubber saves you a great deal of money!

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